Photo Contest Tips And Tricks

Photograph the planter in its natural setting.

Make sure the planter is as clean as possible.

Try taking the picture with and without the flash to see what works best. Sometimes flash from a distance helps fill in the photo but sometimes when it’s too close you will have harsh shadows.

Avoid taking a picture of your planter in the direct sunlight (it will blow out the photo). A cloudy day is always better.

Zoom in so the planter and plants fill the picture but be sure not to cut off the planter in the photo.

Take a photo from a short  distance to “set the scene” or portray an “atmosphere”.

The planter should be showing at least 80% in the photo. Don’t let your plants over take your photo.

Take the photo mid-season so you’re showing not too little and not too much of the actual plants.

Large photo files are a must so if you have the ability to take a large photo with your phone go for it but if you have a digital camera that might work better.


I hope these tips help!