Best Practices For Outfitting Your Business & Storefront

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Best Practices For Outfitting Your Business & Storefront

Gone are the days when the space in front of your store or business was meant solely to sell product. Nowadays customers shop for the experience, as much as they are shopping for your product or service. This makes the merchandising space in front of your business prime property.

At Mayne, we have worked with small businesses and huge enterprises alike to help outfit their outdoor spaces. Here are some great décor tips we’ve learnt along the way.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Like all things design related, keep in mind your brand identity and colors. If your target audience is young and sophisticated, then go for a look that is uncluttered and well balanced. On the other hand, if your audience is a more family-friendly crowd that loves the warmth of maximized design, then feel free to go overboard. We are obviously going to tackle this topic using planter references because its what we do best! The below two images are great examples of how the same planter can be used to create two very different looks!

Modesto 42in Tall
Cambridge 28in Tall

Pay Attention to the ‘Rule of 3’

One of the most fundamental rules of decorating is the Rule of 3. It basically draws on the idea that everything in design looks better and is memorable when done in odd numbers. While even numbers can create a feeling of Zen and harmony, odd numbers create more fluid energy and forces people to pay attention to the pattern created.

Kobi Bundle
Kobi Bundle

Harness the Natural Beauty of Greenery

Adding greenery to your storefront is an easy way to enhance your retail space. While plants are usually associated with residential spaces, they can actually make your business seem more relatable and inviting. Larger plants in troughs or rectangular planters are great to break up spaces and create statement spaces. Smaller planters are great accent pieces for any other décor elements you might be using. The color Green also signifies growth and wealth, which we think are pretty great descriptors for a growing business!

Bordeaux Trough
Bordeaux Trough
Acadia 18in

Begin with a Vision

We’ve all been there – you start decorating a space, you head to the store… you get overwhelmed! The best way to begin your design process is to start with a vision of what you want your space to achieve. The next step would be to decide on the vibe you want to deliver with your creation – at Mayne we’ve created collections that suit any vibe, any time. While our Cape Cod collection gives you that breezy coastal feeling, our Nantucket Collection is a great addition to a more traditional space.

Cape Cod
Cape Cod Collection
Nantucket Collection

Visual merchandising is constantly evolving, and we can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring! While we’ve enjoyed outfitting your homes with planters that are both aesthetic and functional over the years, we’ve also enjoyed the challenge of outfitting some beautiful commercial spaces. If you are business looking for a design solution, contact us at [email protected]

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