Winter is coming! And while the thought of being cooped up indoors may be depressing, the good thing is your green thumb can still thrive! Over the last few years, I’ve really enjoyed adding to and growing my indoor garden. Between their ability to cleanse the air around us from toxins (yes even the air in your homes carry toxins!) and their ability to alleviate stress – you can never go wrong with adding plants to your living space.

Here are 4 factors that will help you put your best foot forward in the indoor gardening space:

Light it Right:

We live in Canada, which means that for most of the winter we hardly see any sunlight. With light being such an integral part of plant growth, this can pose a serious problem. To thrive, plants should be exposed to light for at least 14 hours of the day – this could mean finding the best place in your house for it receive the best sunlight or investing in an artificial source of light. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of the Roleadro 75W Grow Light for Indoor Plants.

Light it Right

Some Container Gardening Goodness:

The normal transition for most people after they get their first few houseplants, is wanting to grow their own produce. Indoors, this can mean a compact herb garden that sits on an island or a windowsill. Container gardening including window boxes and smaller planters that don’t take up much space are a great option. If the container has additional features like a water reservoir or a double wall design, then they just become a more appealing option!

Humidity is Key:

Winter months can mean drier air. Watering your plants is key but in the colder months, it becomes increasingly difficult for plants to absorb moisture from their roots. The most obvious way to counter this issue is to have your humidifier running. Misting/Spraying the leaves is another way t quickly top up your plant’s moisture levels during the week – just ensure that you’re not misting plants that do not require a lot of moisture. (Spider plants, dragon trees etc.)

The Medium is as Important as the Plant:

When it comes to choosing the right soil, I’ve definitely learnt my lesson the hard way. The vital thing to keep in mind is that soil is a living medium – this is why you can’t just use dirt from outside to grow your house plants in. The soil you choose doesn’t just house your plants but is the medium that holds air, water, nutrients and even living organisms. My go to for indoor gardening has to be Miracle-Gro Premium Potting Mix. Being affordable and its ability to be used with a wide variety of plants, makes this potting mix a winner every time!

While these tips are great to have handy, it’s important to remember that when it comes to indoor plants, there isn’t a one shoe fits all approach. Between lighting, humidity, and the kinds of plants you are growing, you have a unique circumstance that can only be learnt by trial and error. Have I killed a few houseplants before? Absolutely! But do I know what I’m doing now? Also, yes! Keep on keeping on and let us know if you have any other cool tips and tricks we can learn from!

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