Liberty Lamp Post


With its clean lines and ‘no fuss’ design, the Liberty Lamp Posts are sure to immediately elevate your curb appeal. These lamp posts are made from 100% high-grade Polyethylene, are weatherproof and have an ultra-tough construction.

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  • Durable Lamp Posts: We use 100% high-grade Polyethylene resin in the manufacturing process, which makes our products durable, lightweight and highly shock resistant.
  • Four Season Use: These lamp posts are used for outdoor applications year-round, as they are resistant to high impact, chemicals and extreme weather conditions. This product stands true to its ‘four-season use’ tag with very little winter preparation.
  • Long Lasting Quality: The resin used to create our products contains built-in UV inhibitors that reduce the damaging effects of the sun. This ensures that your product doesn’t fade, preserves its color and increases its overall lifespan.
  • Sturdy Installation: This Liberty Lamp Post is designed for retro-fit installations over existing 3 inch diameter post. Steel ground mount should be buried in concrete for secure installations.
  • Included Components: The packaging includes a 6 foot decorative post and steel ground mount conduit. Note: Light fixture and wiring materials not included.(#5836) The packaging includes a 6 foot decorative post. Note: Light fixture and wiring materials not included. (#5838)
  • The Mayne Advantage: Mayne offers a 15-year residential warranty or a 5-year commercial warranty on this lamp post. Mayne has been the top choice by the home and gardening sector in North America for over a decade.
  • Made in the USA: Our products are proudly designed in Canada and are made in the USA.
  • Sturdy Installation: Approximately 74 inches of pipe should be exposed above ground to provide enough room for the 6 foot decorative post and lamp fixture (#5838)
Weight & Dimension

Weight & Dimension

Overall Dimensions:  9.5in L x 9.5in W x 89in H
Sleeve Dimensions: 9.5in L x 9.5in W x 72in H
Steel Post: 3in Dia x 89in H
Weight: 18 lbs
Instructions and Line Drawings

Instructions and Line Drawings